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Cataract Surgeon and Glaucoma specialist 

BB eye foundation VIP, Kolkata

AMRI Medical Centre,Southern Avenue Kolkata

As an experienced eye specialist based in Kolkata,West Bengal, India, my patients appreciate the warmth, professional integrity, and open communication that define my ophthalmology practice. I’m determined to help my patients understand their own health so they can be well informed when making important health decisions.


What Patients Are Saying

I pride myself on providing my patients with excellent eye care services and delivering superior results. If you’d like to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my services, I suggest taking a look at my client testimonials below. My returning clients understand the benefits of working with one of the best  eye doctors in Kolkata

Dr.Kumar ravi is best glaucoma surgeon in my personal experience. He is very kind hearted eye doctor.very caring to all patient. One must go to Dr.Kumar ravi for any eye complications and cost economical treatment

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Glaucoma of the best ones in kolkata

Preeti Sharma

Dr.kumar ravi , world class glaucoma surgeon of kolkata ,recently operated my friend's mother age 70..She had many critical eye problem..But Dr.kumar ravi wonderfully treated her..Now that 70 year old lady is complete cured. Dr.kumar ravi is very noble person apart from medical profession..He cooperates every patient ..Very caring ,and very economical treatment ,world class surgery..One must go kolkata to consult any eye complications...

Sanjay Kumar

Eye specialist Kolkata Reviews


What Patients Are Saying

Here I want to share some more testimonials shared by my patients through other mediums

Undergoing Cataract Surgery, In Patient's Own Words..

Undergoing Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery is a difficult experience for most patients. Let me share with you the experience of one of my patents Mr G. I hope it will help others in preparing themselves or their loved one to undergo this procedure..

"..but Dr. Ravi allayed these anxieties. .... Before the  Cataract surgery, Dr. Ravi explained to me that he had given me three drops .... as a precautionary measure. He also told me that I needed to focus on the three dots in the light that was focused on my right eye. He also requested me to inform him in case of discomfort or a need to cough or sneeze so that he could stop. He explained that I would feel discomfort in my eyes and soreness, which would gradually ease off. As the surgery progressed, I concentrated on those three dots and there was a brief period when the dots vanished and my eyes were flooded with a white light. I waited and soon the three dots re-emerged. Through the surgery, Dr. Ravi kept conversing with me in an even, calm voice and informed me of each stage in the procedure. This assured me that things were progressing smoothly. Soon, he informed me that the procedure was completed successfully .... He asked me about how far I lived and if I wanted to go home and return in the evening or stay in the ward so that he could check on me once again. I decided to stay back in the ward.

When I was brought back, I felt sore in my eye and it hurt a little too. I dozed off for a little while and woke up to a splitting headache. .... I also experienced nausea at this time. This condition continued for three hours and began to subside once the patch was removed and eye drops inserted. Dr. Ravi explained that the pain would subside with the eye drops and discharged me. He instructed me to put drops twice before bedtime and I followed these instructions. The pain and nausea subsided
during the night and I felt better the next morning. During my check up the next day, Dr. Ravi informed me that the surgery was successful and my vision is gradually returning. I am following his instructions for post-operative care and am hopeful of my recovery."

I thank Mr G for sharing his valuable experience. Mr G made complete recovery following surgery, followed instructions throughout and is enjoying blissful vision.

Patient stories about best eye doctorin kolkata


Dr Kumar Ravi

Eye specialist

Cataract surgeon and Glaucoma specialist, Kolkata

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  1. BB eye foundation VIP, Kolkata

Shreetower II, RAA-36, VIP Road Raghunathpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700059

2. AMRI Medical centre

No 97 A, Southern AvenueOpposite lake stadium, lake market, kolkataKolkata, West Bengal 700029




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