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Fear of Cataract: Meet your Cataract surgeon Dr Kumar Ravi

Preoperative anxiety around cataract surgery affects a large proportion of patients.Lots of patients are quiet anxious about visiting a cataract surgeon or any eye specialist or want to know what actually happens in cataract check up.To allay this anxiety/fear for his patients, Dr Kumar Ravi explains the procedure of cataract check up step by step.

What happens when a patient with cataract comes to eye surgeon Dr Kumar Ravi ‘s clinic

1. Patients’s vision and refraction is checked by the optometrist

2. Intraocular pressure of both eyes is measured .

3.Patient is sent for dilatation.A dilating drop is put in patient’s eyes and he / she is asked to keep the eyes closed for better dilating effect.After waiting for 15 minutes and checking the dilatation status patient is sent to eye surgeon Dr Kumar Ravi’s chamber for further evaluation

Dilatation of eyes is required to assess the cataractous lens and also for thorough evaluation of retina .

4. Eye surgeon Dr Kumar Ravi examines all his patients thoroughly on slit lamp.Patients lens status is assessed.On the basis of grade of cataract patient is advised to undergo cataract operation

5. After cataract surgery is decided ,patient is given options of intraocular lens to be used.Patients can choose his lens according to their affordability and convenience. Normally in majority of cases foreign foldable lenses are preferred.For young patients multifocal lenses are preferred.For patients with high astigmatism (high cylindrical power ) toric intraocular lenses are recommended.

For details of IOL keep watching this space

6. After selection of IOL, Patients IOL power is calculated with the method called DBR.

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Choose your Cataract doctor wisely

About your Cataract surgeon : Dr Kumar Ravi is one of the leading cataract surgeon/eye surgeons in Kolkata .He is thoroughly trained in his field from the topmost eye hospital in India ie L V Prasad eye Institute Hyderabad and has worked in Sankara Nethralaya for 6 years.

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